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im still getting the hang of this whole html/css thing, so forgive me!

this is the blog part! the main reason i started a website! to document things!

may 5th 2020 2:43 pm
So I talked to an Air Force recruiter yesterday and I have to go to a doctor to treat some underlying conditions and/or get some things sorted out so I can potenially join.
I also have to lose at least 20ish lbs.
And I'm still nervous that all the hard work and effort I'm putting into this will be all for naught potentially. I dont intend to document a majority of my potential air force career on here since I want this to my personal thing, not an "airmen" thing? If that makes any sense?
I just want to talk about the important life stuffs I guess for my own sake in the future. Lord knows I cant write in journal to save my life.
I have an appointment tomorrrow for all that jazz. If anything the whole experince got me to go to the doctor! So I guess that is a win! I'm leaving it all in the Holy familys hands either way.
Right now I have to travel to an entirely separate town to go to the doctor since this whole covid-19 thing is happening. But that is another can of worms.
Right now im procrastinating from doing my career awareness homework for my HSED. I should really get onto that. And exercising at least regularly? Not semi-regularly? Obviously I have a lot to sort out. Hopefully this site can help me to do that!
Here is a quote that has helped me a bit since I saw it on pinterest: "act and God will act, work and he will work." - St. Joan of Arc